Cruise Through Austin During SXSW

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Bird scooters to help you travel between events during SXSW. Here’s everything you need to know.

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SXSW is unlike most festivals in that it takes over an entire city. Traveling from one event to another means either walking miles across downtown, or shelling out for rideshares during Austin’s most expensive week to use rideshares. But this is 2019 y’all, and the scooters have landed! Whatever your opinion is about dock-less scooters filling the streets of Austin, the fact is these vehicles are a time-saving, environmentally friendly alternative to walking or driving.

Starting today anyone who signs up for a Festival Saviors “#blessed” spreadsheet account will receive $5 ride credit for Bird scooters! Already a #blessed user? We’ll be sending your ride credit via email soon. Learn more about our event spreadsheet and account types here.

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But we’re not done yet!

The map view feature of our spreadsheet displays events on an interactive map, so you can plot your way through Austin March 8-17. Starting soon, you’ll be able to see popular locations to pick up Birds around downtown during SXSW. Using our spreadsheet while rushing to the next show? Open up map view, look for the Bird logo, and start cruising.

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