Tools to Survive SXSW

Must have tools to survive SXSW - make your life easier, and take notes!


Pretty much EVERY unofficial event is posted on Twitter at some point. If you’re trying to join the twitter train and stay in the loop, here are the must-follow accounts:

  • @sxsaviors


  • @rsvpster

  • @whoaco

  • @atxconcert

  • @ChrisKeegan

  • @festxperts

  • @bangerton

  • @wwwatx


  • @thefreenoms

  • @MissKrisSxSW

  • @360sxsw

  • @CameronAtSX

  • @mhsxsw

  • @LiveCapitalTX

  • @YearArtj55

  • @SXSW

Additionally, here are some important hashtags the community uses before and during SXSW:

  • #SXlines - current line statuses for events

  • #SXnoms - spots giving out food during SXSW

  • #SXdrinks - spots giving out drinks during SXSW

  • #SXtips - knowledge into the universe

  • SXwin - SXSW-related contests, lots of giveaways happen before and during the festival

  • SXplay - opportunities for artists to perform during the festival


I mean, of course ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Festival playlists, tips, and the almighty spreadsheet. There’s just no better party spreadsheet out there. It includes official, unofficial, and exclusive events, updated daily, with details that include hype level, location, date & time, credentials needed, and more!


There are 1000+ parties and events happening mid-March in Austin, many of them require an RSVP. See where we’re going? You’re going to spend hours and hours RSVPing to these events.

For only $30 - $40 RSVPster will automatically RSVP you to unofficial events. We can’t recommend this enough! It’s a huge time saver, and stress reliever. Sign up for a #blessed account on our spreadsheet for a $10-off RSVPster coupon.

Stay tuned for an article coming soon on how to use RSVPster to get automatically RSVPd to hundreds of parties.


Useful for a few things. First, it has EVERY official SXSW event. We only populate our spreadsheet with our suggested official events. Even though we show hundreds of official events, it still only represents a fraction. Our suggestion is to use this only if you have a badge or wristband to keep track of smaller SXSW official events that aren’t listed on other websites or spreadsheets.