RSVP 101: Do I really need to RSVP for SXSW events?

Preparing for SXSW can be draining when hundreds of event RSVPs are before you. We'll give our humble opinion on whether or not it's really worth it to RSVP.

RSVPS, RSVPS EVERYWHERE!! You won't go a day preparing for SXSW without seeing this holy word. So what's the deal do we really need to RSVP to all these events?

The bottom line: Most unofficial events say you need an RSVP for entry, but many won’t even enforce it at the door.

Ok maybe that confused things even more. So how do you know which unofficial events will enforce their RSVP?? The simple answer: there's no sure-fire way of knowing if a particular event is going to enforce their list. Skip the RSVP, but do so at your own risk. If Daft Punk plays a surprise show that you didn't RSVP for, you're gonna miss out. The only way to guarantee smooth entry to unofficial events is to just take time to RSVP.

Did we confuse things even more?? Let’s make everything easier, enter RSVPster.

RSVPster is a service that will RSVP you to hundreds of unofficial events. You give them some info, they take the time to get you on the lists. Once you sign up the events they RSVP you to will start showing up in your inbox. Trust us. RSVPster saves you days of scouring the internet, and typing your RSVP information for every event you find - worth every penny.

Our last tip about RSVPs: create a new email account to use when RSVPing for these events. You'll be receiving hundreds of confirmation emails, and many event organizers will add your email to their mail list. Do NOT use a personal or work email for RSVPs.

Happy RSVPing, and say goodbye to your work productivity!