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SXSW is Wild

We help fans, artists, and event organizers navigate the chaos and experience the best of this festival.


Be at the center of everything

Parties, RSVPs, plus our top picks.


Find your next favorite artist

As we wait for 2025, listen to our top picks from SXSW past.


Welcome to a community of SXSW regulars. After experiencing the highs and lows (mainly highs) of this festival we realized something...


SXSW is confusing as hell. There are 1000+ artists, even more events,

and over 300K people.

We built this guide to condense decades of experience into one place. Our goal is to help you prepare and experience the absolute best of SXSW, whether you're a:

fan wanting to discover something new

artist wanting to increase your fanbase

brand wanting to be noticed

We are not affiliated with SXSW, learn more here.

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